Tower De-Commission Floating Derrick Method

In May 2009 NG Rigging were invited to build a 27mtr four leg lattice tower at an Arqiva site in Lympne after the tower was built and Airwave and Orange antenna systems were swapped over the old tower was de-commissioned.

The floating derrick method was used to complete all works at this site which included Tower erection, Airwave installation, Orange installation and finally Tower de-commission.

There was no other option but to use the floating derrick method as in this case as the site provider would not allow a crane on site due to the amount of vehicle movements in and out of his yard and the disruption it may cause to his own business.

Also with the fixed derrick it is ideal for sites with limited access or soft ground where getting heavy plant & machinery to the build/lift area would be a problem and could incur additional costs for Trakway etc. so all in all it is a great cost effective way of erecting towers.

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