St Michaels Airwave Installation

In March 2011 NG Rigging were invited to attend a site meeting by Ian Parker of Airwave Solutions, this was following a recommendation by one of Ians colleagues to use our company to assist with an install he had been informed could not be done.

This was to be our first project with Ian and you can see from his testimonial he was pleased with the outcome.

We attended site where we concentrated most of our attention on the feeder route as this was the area that other rigging companies had stated could not be achieved.

We talked Ian through the method that we would use to run 3 lengths of LCF114-50 approximately 100 metres long and he was happy that we could make the solution work.

The building height was 27metres and then 70 to 80 metres through ducting and 2 garages this was achieved in one continuous length for all three feeders, with short lengths of LCF78-50 tails to antenna and surge arrester plate in plant room, these works were completed in one day with 6 riggers, the extra riggers were required to make sure there were no snags at various points in the run as you will see from the above photos there were quite a few.

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